Daruma’s Mission 

Sorry for the normal tonkotsu ramen.
It may not have fancy noodles or a lot of  Chashu, but we faithfully adhere to the basics, focus on quality ingredients, and strive to earn your words, “it was delicious!” with every bowl,We put all of our hearts and soul into preparation, temperature, and service.
With every day being a battle, we serve you a bowl full of determination.

Mission for Soup

Made with 100% domestically sourced pork! Our additive-free soup is refined, with the bone marrow melting to perfection. We consistently clean fresh pork bones, bringing out the full flavor, sweetness, and richness. This is Daruma Family’s lifeblood                                                                                                  Daruma’s Savory Pork Bone Soup.

Mission for Noodles 

We are committed to using premium domestic wheat flour and have created Daruma’s original Hakata noodles by incorporating 50% of the wheat husk. These half-husk noodles are characterized by their low hydration, resulting in a crisp texture that pairs exceptionally well with our rich soup. They are a special Daruma version of Hakata noodles.

Mission for Chashu 

We carefully select marbled and red-tinged pork belly, then tightly roll it with cooking twine and slow-cook it in our secret sauce. Our pride and joy, the simmered pork, is crafted with a focus on flavor and tenderness. It’s Daruma’s Chashu that’s also a great choice as a souvenir.

Mission for Ingredients 

Our green onions come directly from local farmers in Hakata. We take pride in our homemade seasoning for the spicy mustard greens, using only domestically sourced pork for the finishing oil. We source high-quality and tender parts of pork, such as offal and ground meat, and prepare them in-house.

The attention to detail for Side menus, ingredients for the toppings, Our backbone, and people                                                                                              This is Daruma Ikka Pork Bone Ramen.


Daruma Ramen

Store information

Store NameSavory Pork Bone Ramen   Daruma Ikka Utsunomiya Store
AddressTochigi Prefecture, Utsunomiya-Shi, Eki-Mae-Dorri 3-5-16 
Phone Number028-680-6577
Time of Operation11:00~14:30/17:30~22:00/17:30~24:00 (FridaySaturday) ※ Each 30 minutes before closing is Last Order
Days ClosedMonday